Java Program Implementation with Interfaces and Inheritance

How to write a Java program with interfaces and inheritance?

What are the key steps to follow?

Java Programming with Interfaces and Inheritance

To write a Java program that incorporates interfaces and inheritance, follow these steps:

1. Create Interfaces: Define interfaces like CanFight, CanSwim, and CanFly with abstract methods fight(), swim(), and fly() respectively.

2. Implement ActionCharacter Class: Create a class named ActionCharacter with a method fight() displaying "Action characters always fight in the movies".

3. Develop Hero Class: Inherit Hero class from ActionCharacter, override fight() method to display "My hero fights as Van Damme", and add swim() and fly() methods with specific messages.

4. Define Main Class: Create a Main class with a main() method to instantiate Hero object, call its methods, and instantiate ActionCharacter object to call its fight() method.

5. Testing: Run the program to see the expected output.

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