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Why do Graff and Anderson question Ender seven days after his first battle?

Graff and Anderson meet with Ender seven days before the battle because they want to decide if he is really ready to accelerate the attack and participate in a real confrontation. Both play opposite roles so that Ender can understand two different points of view, on the one hand the need to lead everyone and make unquestionable decisions and on the other the not to stop listening to their team and stay in tune with them.

Final Answer:

In the high school English context, Graff and Anderson question Ender seven days after his first battle in 'Ender's Game' to assess his leadership and psychological state, and to observe his adaptation after the simulated battle. This strategy is part of the training program to prepare Ender to lead humanity against an alien threat.


The question seems to be related to a discussion of the book Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, which would place the subject matter within an English or literature class, typically encountered at the high school level. The question refers to the characters Graff and Anderson, who are military officers responsible for the training of the protagonist, Ender Wiggin. The story revolves around Ender's journey and growth within a military school set in a future where humanity is preparing to combat an alien race.

After Ender's first battle in the Battle Room, a key element of his training, Graff and Anderson question Ender to assess his leadership qualities, strategic thinking, and to gauge his psychological state following the simulation. This interrogation is held seven days after this initial battle to give Ender some time to reflect on his experiences. This period also allows his trainers to observe Ender's behavior post-battle and to see how he and his team adapt to their victory.

This debriefing is crucial because Ender's performance in these simulated battles is pivotal for humanity's strategy against the alien threat. The intention behind the timing of the questioning by Graff and Anderson is part of the rigorous training program designed to produce a capable leader in Ender, pushing him to his limits to harness his potential.

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