The Bonus Army March on Washington: A Historic Retrospective

What was the final outcome of the Bonus Army's march on Washington?

A. General Patton received a promotion.

B. The nation fell into the Great Depression.

C. The veterans went home empty handed.

D. Local Washington newspapers condemned the dispersal of the Bonus Army.

The answer is C. The veterans went home empty handed. Don't worry, it was the correct answer on the test I just finished =).

The Bonus Army's march on Washington in 1932 was a significant event during the Great Depression. Thousands of World War I veterans gathered in the nation's capital to demand early payment of a bonus they were promised for their wartime service.

Unfortunately, the outcome was not favorable for the veterans. Despite their efforts, the government failed to meet their demands, and the protesters were eventually dispersed by force. As a result, the veterans had to leave Washington empty-handed, without the bonuses they were hoping for.

This event highlighted the struggles and hardships faced by many Americans during the Great Depression. It also demonstrated the government's inability to address the needs of its citizens in a time of economic crisis.

Overall, the Bonus Army's march on Washington serves as a reminder of the impact of economic turmoil on individuals and the importance of social and economic support during challenging times.

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