Felix's Garden Fencing Challenge

What is the distance of the fencing in meters?

Final answer:

To find the distance of fencing needed for Felix's garden, you need to apply the scale factor to the measurements from the drawing, calculate each side's actual length, and then sum these lengths to get the perimeter.

Explanation: The student's question pertains to calculating the distance around Felix's garden, which involves understanding the scale factor in a drawing and applying it to determine the actual measurements. Without the specific measurements and scale factors provided in the original question, it's impossible to give a direct answer. However, to solve problems of this nature, you would typically multiply the length of each side in the scale drawing by the appropriate scale factor to get the real-world dimensions. Then, you would add the lengths of all sides to determine the perimeter, which represents the total distance of fencing needed. For example, if the scale factor is 1/200 (as mentioned in the reference) and each side of the garden in the scale drawing is, say, 5 cm, we calculate the real length by multiplying 5 cm by 200, yielding 1000 cm or 10 meters for each side. The final answer would depend on the sum of all sides calculated this way.

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