Basins, Bowls, and Malleable Retractors: Understanding the Role of Stainless Steel in Medical Equipment

What type of stainless steel is used to manufacture basins, bowls, and malleable retractors?


316 stainless steel is typically used for medical equipment like basins, bowls, and retractors due to its superior corrosion resistance and suitability for sterilization.


The type of stainless steel commonly used in manufacturing medical equipment such as basins, bowls, and malleable retractors is 316 stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is known for its superior corrosion resistance, which is essential in a medical environment where sterilization and cleanliness are paramount. The addition of molybdenum in 316 stainless steel provides increased resistance against chloride corrosion, making it more suitable for use in surgical and medical applications compared to other types of stainless steel.

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